Project Description

Best Play

Share in the excitement and the spoils of the Absa Gaming Festival!

Step 1: Play your favourite game
Step 2: Record your Best Play in that game
Step 3: Upload your video to Twitter with a caption of your choosing using the hashtag #ABSAbestplay

Ready. Set. Play.

#ICanWithAbsa #AbsaGamingFestival

Competition Details

  • Game: Any

  • Platform: Any

  • Dates: 22 April – 22 May 2022

  • Restrictions: This competition is only open to residents living in South Africa

  • Prizes:

    1st prize – Xbox series S 500GB + Wireless controller bluetooth black + Xbox Gold pass
    2nd prize – Xbox Live Gold pass
    3rd prize – Digital voucher (Steam/Xbox/Google Play/PS Store)

Click here to see who the winners are!